Here’s an extract from The Cisco Way –

The Cisco Wunderkind
There is a breed of techno-geniuses called CCIEs who
power the engine of the Cisco system. I call them the
Cisco Wunderkinder. Wunderkind is a German word
that has found its place within the English language
because of the powerful notion that it connotes—that
of a child prodigy or someone who has achieved a supreme
goal at a relatively early age.

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is
a highly acclaimed technical certification for a specific
set of skills in the field of networking. Engineers can
qualify for one or more of currently seven certifications
related to Cisco technologies. The process of obtaining
(and re-qualifying for) a CCIE certification is
highly competitive and demanding.

CCIEs are not child prodigies but highly accomplished
techno-geniuses. To comprehend what makes
them tick, it is important to understand the level of
preparation, commitment, unrelenting tenacity, and
personal sacrifice it takes to earn a CCIE. Hours, days,
and even months of preparation for the written test
and then a grueling lab build their superior technical
prowess while shaping a unique and highly competitive
character—that of the Cisco Wunderkinder.

If you happen to have double (meaning you have two of the seven possible CCIE
certifications) or triple (very few and far between)
CCIE certifications, you belong to a rare breed of super

They are the lifeblood, heart, and soul of the success
of Cisco services. This book would be incomplete
without understanding and exploring how they keep
Cisco services ahead of the game and how they can be
cajoled to the highest levels of achievement.

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