May 2016

The Cisco Way – Change the Playing Field to lock out your competitors

Here's an extract from my book The Cisco Way - now available worldwide. Just Released at Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, BAM (Books.a.Million) and (Germany). NEW-Explore the FREE Book preview at Change the Playing Field San Jose, California, December 2008 We were steaming ahead on all fronts, making breakthroughs with new customers and [...]

The Cisco Way : Learn how to convert people into your secret weapon

Here's an extract from The Cisco Way - The Cisco Wunderkind There is a breed of techno-geniuses called CCIEs who power the engine of the Cisco system. I call them the Cisco Wunderkinder. Wunderkind is a German word that has found its place within the English language because of the powerful notion that it connotes—that [...]

The Cisco Way – The Six Critical Competencies to get into the leadership quadrant

Here's an extract from The Cisco Way - Just Released on Kindle in 12 countries - US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, JP, BR, MX, AU, IN. The Six CCs Prepare (for the future), listen (carefully to your customers and your people), learn (importantly, capture the lessons for wider reuse), and execute (flawlessly and [...]