December 2016

Populism and the new Economic Order: A Counterpoint

For original article published in Newsmax, click here. Trump's Plans Will Be Blessing and Curse for Business Owners   (AP/Evan Vucci) By Dushyant Sukhija   |   Wednesday, 14 Dec 2016 12:27 AM As the new U.S. government gets formed, it is time to turn our attention to the most prominent policy commitments that catapulted Donald Trump to [...]

5 Ways Leaders Can Take Charge In An Era of ‘Digital Disruption’

  The rapid advancement of technology continues to change the world – and the marketplace – faster than many businesses can keep up, disrupting all their plans and threatening … Read More   This article has been shared with Twitter followers of #CEOs and #DigitalDistruption: Je mensen zijn je geheime wapen in het tijdperk [...]

July 2016

The Cisco Way – 3 Strategies to scale globally. The 3rd. will surprise you!

Here is an extract from my new book - The Cisco Way, now available worldwide on iBooks and Kobo. People Clustering When Stan Gale, a builder and business-park flipper in Boston, got the call from South Korea with an offer to build a smart city like Boston—from the ground up—he was not one bit frazzled. He initially planned to [...]

The Cisco Way – Four Secrets to rev up your people power

Here is an extract from my new book - The Cisco Way. Every Cisco services NCE (network consulting engineer) came to learn that specializations and certifications were the only way to get ahead in the company, whether it was to a manager role or to an individual-contributor (dual) career path as a distinguished systems engineer (DSE). DSEs filled positions [...]

June 2016

The Cisco Way – 3 Critical Success Factors for a “Build to Last” Organization Design

Here's an extract from my new book The Cisco Way. Explore the media coverage at This brings me to the critical importance of the right people strategy as a key component of your organizational design. It can make all the difference if you want to build for a sustainable high margin. Every new services [...]

The Cisco Way – Three Operational Levers for Higher Profits

Here's an extract from my new book The Cisco Way. Explore the media coverage at Repeatability San Jose, California, Cisco Campus, Building 17 As we accelerated into our new (fiscal) year, one of the first and important priorities was to assemble the various advanced-services virtual teams (ASVTs) to review their previous year’s progress and [...]

The Cisco Way – Three Strategies to Shift Left for profits

Here's an extract from my new book The Cisco Way. Explore the FREE Book preview at Shift left is by far one of the most effective ways to drive a cost-leadership position in the market. Consider, for instance, the case of resolving a network outage. On the spectrum of the possible points of production [...]

May 2016

The Cisco Way – Change the Playing Field to lock out your competitors

Here's an extract from my book The Cisco Way - now available worldwide. Just Released at Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, BAM (Books.a.Million) and (Germany). NEW-Explore the FREE Book preview at Change the Playing Field San Jose, California, December 2008 We were steaming ahead on all fronts, making breakthroughs with new customers and [...]

The Cisco Way : Learn how to convert people into your secret weapon

Here's an extract from The Cisco Way - The Cisco Wunderkind There is a breed of techno-geniuses called CCIEs who power the engine of the Cisco system. I call them the Cisco Wunderkinder. Wunderkind is a German word that has found its place within the English language because of the powerful notion that it connotes—that [...]

The Cisco Way – The Six Critical Competencies to get into the leadership quadrant

Here's an extract from The Cisco Way - Just Released on Kindle in 12 countries - US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, JP, BR, MX, AU, IN. The Six CCs Prepare (for the future), listen (carefully to your customers and your people), learn (importantly, capture the lessons for wider reuse), and execute (flawlessly and [...]